Abbottabad is named after its founder James Abbot, Hazara's first British Deputy Commissioner. It is at a distance of 121 km from Islamabad via Hasan Abdal. It is 1220 meters above sea level and is situated at the crossroads of most of the areas of tourist interest in Pakistan like Nathiagali, Murree, Thandiani, Kaghan valley, Swat valley, Skardu, Gilgit and Khunjrab. Taxila, one of the most important archaeological treasures of the subcontinent is not very far from here. There are two hills towering above Abbottabad, Shimla Peak and Sarban Peak. There are very fine panoramic views of the town and its surroundings from Shimla Peak. The famous Pakistan Military Academy is on the hill to the north-east side of the town. Shimla Park located on a nearby hill with a pine forest is well worth a visit. Abbottabad has still a very British air with its European style bungalows, the club, the church and the cemetery.
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