John Kerry sugar coated the ‘do more’ mantra

Shaukat Hayat Buneri/ FP

Be it dialogue with the top political and military leadership or back door channel diplomacy, Pakistan has always reiterated its pledge to play its positive role for maintaining durable peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan political and military leadership have also conveyed its message to the international community that peace of the whole region is linked with the peace in Afghanistan. Along side, this factor must also be kept in mind that, no one can guarantee permanent peace unless and until total withdrawal of NATO forces is ensured form its soil.

The economic woes of Pakistan have also increased after the Afghan –US and Afghan USSR war in Afghanistan. So in order to compensate and support Pakistan, a viable marshal economic plan is required for its economic revival. Pakistan needs millions dollars of aids to rehabilitate its institutions and lost infrastructure. Since it was not Pakistan own war but pushed into the war by the vested interested on the behest of big power to protect and fulfill their nefarious designs. But now it has to face an acute economic challenge and hurdles and no one is there to steer it out from the mess. It had also to bear a huge economic loss in the so called war against terror. Therefore it is the moral and legal obligation of the international power to help and support Pakistan at this critical stage. But it seems to us that the US is least bothered to resolve this grievance of Pakistan once and for all. As against it has always stressed to do more at the alter of nominal aid. As also indicated by senior PPP leader Raza Rabbani in a press conference the other day that john Kerry repeated mantra of do more in sugarcoated words. Kerry also said that the do-more policy would continue in light of the president Obama s policy. Even the US is also not ready to announce a sufficient economic Package for the rehabilitation and renovation of the affected infrastructure by terrorism. Restoration of the routine life activities is not possible at once. Terrorists are also at large at the garbs of refugees. For this purpose a viable and effective screening system is also required for the passage of the IDPs and refugees. Only after the completion of the said process any plan to maintain peace can be realized in to practice.


The announcing of any sizable economic package by the US administration for Pakistan is testimony to the fact that Pakistan will have ultimately bow down before the international monitory agencies to get aid on interests rates. Consequently the Nawaz Sharif government too complied with the stern conditions of IMF and imposed heavy taxes upon the poor in the shape of GST. Although attention is also focused to increase the power tariff but no action is taken against the gas and power pilferages. But ironically Washington is not moved by an inch to ponder over the sorry economic state of Pakistan. The US is also bent to continue the pace of drone attacks unabated. In this situation how is it possible to fulfill the US demands regarding any operation in Waziristan.

Anti army sentiments were promoted among the people against the army operations carried out in the northern and southern parts of country. It was verily the desire of the US administration to not only create a wave of hatred among the people of Pakistan against its own army but also to downgrade its army moral by bringing at forefront against its own people.

Now the question arises that what US should do on its part. It must take measures to help and boost Pakistan economically. After the NATO withdrawal, Afghanistan will look like a hurt lion and it will also not be possible for US to invade it for the 2nd time. So it is surely an earnest desire of the US to spoil and weaken the mutual trust of both the neighbors, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan itself is the victim of terrorism aware of the fact that the US and western powers have already played its part in the dismemberment of Pakistan. But the US must also keep it in mind before taking any decision that although Pakistan was compelled to jump into the war of terror but the fate of the whole international community is linked with this war. The international community should also realize it to the fullest extent that the so called war is not owned by Pakistan itself. So other states and stake holders of the world should also play their part in the war of which Pakistan role is of front state. Therefore the other states of the world including the big powers can share this burden of Pakistan by extending trade and financial support to Pakistan. Every year, Pakistan has to entail million of dollars of its revenue on the so-called war of terror. So in the prevailing circumstances and challenges faced by Pakistan, it becomes the basic obligation of the world community, especially of Washington to take practical and meaningful steps for the social and economic uplift of Pakistan. So that durable and long lasting peace may be ensured not only in the region but in the world as well.

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