Shahbaz Garhi is located 13 km east of Mardan on the road to Swabi. Sown a dirt track to the right, a few meters, are the famous Ashokan inscriptions, carved in two rocks on a hill about 300 meters to the left. The Ashokan inscriptions date from the 3rd century BC and are the oldest surviving writings of any historical significance in the Subcontinent.

At Shahbaz Garhi 12 edicts are carved on the rock, two on another, Shahbaz Garhi is important to Buddhists because f its association with prince Sudana, or Buddha in one of his previous incarnations, Sudana means of noble charity; the area is still popularly know as the Sudana Plan.



The ruins of a monastery and a beautiful courtyard of stupas are on a hill-top overlooking the village 15 km north of Mardan. The view including Takht-i-Bhai and Shahbaz Garhi, is especially grand at sunrises sunset.

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