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Nathia Gali, well-remembered playground to hundreds of British colonials who sought solitude in these fir-clad slopes, was the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner, later Chief Secretary of the Province. Now it has developed into a popular holiday resort for people from the Frontier and the Punjab Provinces as it lies almost mid-way between Murree and Abbottabad; It has a fine church sporting an impressive steeple and a pine-wood exterior darkened by seasonal snow and sun. Built completely of local timber and designed by a colonial architect, its simple vocabulary reminds one, in shape if not in material, of the many village churches that dot the Cotswolds countryside. It is now managed from Peshawar but can be entered when the ageing Muslim chowkidar obliges.

A cluster of four modest mountain-villages, now thriving holiday stations, Khanspur, Khaira Gali, Changla Gali and Ghora Dhaka comprise the Ayubia hill resort. Much of this area forms the A yubia - National Park, spread over 101,1 74 hectares, in which the mountain fauna and flora thrive.
The other main towns of Hazara are Haripur and Mansehra. Haripur was founded around 1822 by, and named after, Hari Singh Nalwa, the Sikh General and Governor of Hazara. In
1853, the British abandoned it as the main town for Abbottabad. Mansehra was founded by Maan Singh another Sikh luminary. The town is renowned for the three granite
boulders inscribed with the edicts of Asoka dating from the third century before Christ.

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