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Further up the road, 59 km beyond Naran (3,498m) near the Besal village, lies the largest lake of the valley, the Lalusar (3,439m). Crescent-shaped, it is also known as the Horse shoe Lake and from it flows the Kunhar River. The locals believe in the curative powers of its water. Legend has it that the sight of a daughter of Emperor Akbar was restored following a bath in it. The third mountain-lake is the Dodisarpat.

All along the. Kaghan Valley many a vantage point is available which changes human perception on the lay of land and perspective on life. Far from the madding crowd, such a point provides a permeating serenity. The meadows of Shogran (2,362 m) are among the most beautiful plateaus in the Province. Rolling forests, sporting ancient deodars, cover several hills around Paya (3,079m). Sharan affords a splendid view of the highest peak in the area, Malika Parbat. Lalazar (3,634m), a spread of highland meadows fragrant with alpine flora, is the summer pasture for the herdsmen. And at Babusar Pass (4,1 75m) a panoramic view of the valleys unfolds. Dervla Murphy writes about the Babusar Top in her book Full Tilt:

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