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We thought at first that he had on armour of jewels; but, on close inspection, we found this to be a mis take, and his real dress to consist of a green tunic,with large flowers in gold and precious stones, over which were a large breastplate of diamonds, shaped like two flattened fleur de lis . . . large emerald bracelets on the arms (above the elbow), and many other jewels in different places. In one of the bracelets was the Cohi Noor, known to be one of the largest diamonds in the world... The crown was about nine inches high. .. the whole so complicated, and so daz zling that it was difficult to understand, and impossi ble to describe... The room was open all round. The centre was supported by four high pillars, in the midst of which was a marble fountain. The floor was covered with the richest carpets, and round the edges were slips of silk embroidered with gold, for the Khauns to stand on. The view from the hall was beautiful.Immediately below was an extensive garden,' full of cypresses and other trees, and beyond was a plain of the richest verdure; here and there were pieces ofwater and shiny streams, and the whole was bound ed with mountains, some dark, and other covered with snow.

The fabulous jewel Koh-i Noor / "Mountain of Light" he saw, is claimed to be the oldest large diamond in the world. It was to become, within a few short decades, part of Queen Victoria's Royal Jewels. It was recut into a "brilliant" in 1852 and the Duke of Wellington made the first facet watched by voorsanger, the cutter from Amsterdam. Now part of the British Crown Jewels, it is, much reduced, studded in the late Queen Mother's crown on display in the Tower of London.

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