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In the heart of Andar Shehr / the "Inner City", or the older quarter, the twice Governor of Peshawar, Mahabat Khan built a mosque. He served two Mughal emperors: Shah Jahan (r. t 627- t 659) and Awrangzeb (r.1659-1707). Mahabat Khan Masjld Is the only Mughal mosque in Peshawar that survived the pillage and plunder of Sikha Shahi, when its minarets were used as gibbets to hang people by the Neopolitan Governor of Ranjlt Singh, General Avitabile. In 1898 the mosque suffered extensive damage from fire and was restored to the original high-Mughal style complete with fluted domes. The Mosque measures about 56m. by 50m. and Is built on a raised terrace. With an open courtyard 'and the ablution tank in the centre, it is planned along traditional lines. Its finest feature is the interior of the prayer cham ber which is covered with a profusion of hand-painted arabesque and calligraphy.

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