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The Bajaur Agency comprises the valleys of Chaharmung, Babukara, Watalai, Rud and Sur Kamar. It is bound on the north by Panjkora River, on the west by Kunnar River and has a very fertile belt in the Rud Valley. It is connected to Afghanistan through Nawagai Pass that Alexander crossed. Though of lower elevation than Dir, Bajaur hills are not as densely forested.

During Emperor Babur's reign the area acquired some fame when he married the daughter of Malik Shah Mansur, the head of the Yusufzai clans and established his short sovereignty over Bajaur.

The Mohmand country lies in the north-west of the Province, between Peshawar district and the Afghan border. The Mohmand tribe settled here when it was driven eastwards by the Mongols during the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. Till recently Mohmands were known as Do-Kora / "Two Homes" because they would leave for the highlands during summer and return in winter. With increasing security of travel through the Khyber Pass, the harsher. routes once used have lost importance. The tribe, reputed for bravery, proved a bane for the British colonizers during the early period. Many an armed conflict took place resulting in numerous casualties of British officers. In 1895 the tribe joined the resistance, to the Chitral relief force, under the influence of Adda Mullah. In 1897, they were in the vanguard of Mulla Mastan's movement against the British.

Malakand district figures in historical accounts for the famous Pass which leads into the Swat Valley. The Pass was used by ancient Buddhist travellers as well as traders and invaders. Early in the sixteenth century Yusafzai Pathans entered Swat through the Malakand Pass. It was also controlled for a few decades by the General of Emperor Akbar, Zain Khan who built a fort here in 1587.

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