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Mardan, an ancient town, gives the district its name. When a. Buddhist proselytizer was sent by Asoka to convert the people of Gandhara in 256 B.C., it was at Shahbaz Garhi in the district, that rock edicts of Asoka were carved. In more recent history, the town became a British military cantonment, the permanent headquarter of the Queen's Own Corps of Guides. The fort was built by Hodson of the Guides in 1854.

Haripur district borders the Punjab district of Rawalplndi and gives a foretaste of the high mountains further north. The Hazara hills, of relatively low height, are covered with firs, pines and oaks. The hills cut In tiers are cultivated with maize and wheat. Haripur was the gateway to Kashmir during the Mughal and 'SIkh periods. Now the Karakorum Highway starts from the town of Havellan and Indus "the Lion River" flows through this region.

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