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The Hazara area, spread over Abbottabad, Harlpur and Mansehra districts, has been identified with Abisara, after the chief of the tribes, Ablsares whom Alexander encountered. The name Hazara occurs In the A/n-/ Akbar/. During the Mughal peri¬od it was administered by the Governor at Attock. With the weakening of Mughal hold, Hazara came under the control of Ahmad Shah Durranl In 1752. When the
Sikhs began to expand northwards, they annexed Hazara In 1818. However, stiff resistance by the people in 1820-21 led to the defeat and death of the Sikh General, Amer Singh. For a short while it became a part of Kashmir under Raja Gulab Singh. But in 1847 the area was exchanged and returned to the Lahore Durbar. Major James Abbott, sent to settle the country, through sagacity and firmness managed to win the Hazara people over.

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