District Buner

Buner District (Pashto: د بونیر ولسوالی‎) (pronounced: Boonair) is a district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.
The Buner Valley lies on the Peshawar valley border of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a small mountain valley, dotted with villages and divided into seven sub-divisions. The Mora Hills and the Ilam range divide it from the Swat Valley, the Sinawar range from Yusafzai, the Guru mountains from the Chamla valley, and the Duma range from the Puran Valley. Until the year 2000 it was a part of Malakand Division - until this division was abolished.
In April 2009, the Taliban seized control of Buner, after a brief battle with local residents. Strict rules were reportedly being enforced, including the elimination of video stores, bans on cutting beards, and the prevention of women from appearing in many public places. On 29 April the government responded to the Taliban by sending the army to the region and dropping parachuters by helicopter. By the end of May 2009, almost all of Buner was cleared of the Taliban.
On November 2, 2012, a bomb attack killed local anti-Taliban politician Fateh Khan, an ex-leader of the secular Awami National Party and three of his guards as his car left a petrol station. Several people were also injured. According to Pakistan's Express Tribune, Mr Khan was a former ANP leader who had recently joined the Qaumi Watan Party. Mr Khan was also the head of a local tribal anti-Taliban force.
The district is divided into two tehsils, Daggar tehsil and Sowari tehsil. The district headquarter is Daggar.
The district has three constituencies in the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, these are: Following the elections of 2008 the Awami National Party won all three seats:

Buner contains a village named Pir Baba near the mountains Elum Ghar and Dua Saray Ghar. Kinger Gali is the last border of district Buner which shares borders with Mardan and Malakand Agency. On the border of Buner with Mardan is the village of Ambela. Karapa is the central village of district Buner. It is situated between Swari which is the biggest Bazar of District Buner and Daggar tehsil which is the headquarters of Buner. Sarmalangbaba is just 14 miles from Swari and Daggar and bordering with Mardan District. The present government of ANP is building a new road through Sarmalangbaba which will be the shortest route between Swari and Mardan.


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