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Kohat Division ( کوہاٹ) was an administrative division of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, until the reforms of 2000 abolished the third tier of government. At independence in 1947, Kohat was a district of Peshawar Division. In 1976 it became a separate division and contained the districts of Karak, Kohat and Hangu.

Kohat also known as Kohat City, is a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is the capital of the Kohat District. The town centers around a British-era fort, various bazaars and a military cantonment (camp).[clarification needed difference between fort and camp?] A British-built narrow gauge railway line runs through the town.
Defeat of the Orakzais:
The decisive engagement which made the Bangashes masters of the Kohat valley is said to have been fought near Muhammadzai. Local traditions describe the battle as having lasted day and night for three days, till at last a youth in white appeared on the scene shouting "Dai, Dai, Dai, Sam de Bangasho; Ghar de Orakzo," which, being translated, means "It is, it is, it is, the plain of the Bangashes; the hill of the Orakzais." This legend is supposed by the Bangashes to satisfactorily dispose of any claims of the Orakzais to proprietary rights in the Kohat or Miranzai valleys. According to another tradition the Kohat valley before the Bangash invasion was occupied, not by Orakzais, but by the tribes of the Gabris, Safis and Maujaris, who are not now to be traced. Whoever the original inhabitants may have been they now entirely disappeared. They were either exterminated, or more probably they were incorporated with the Bangash settlers, at first as Hamsayahs till in process of time they became indistinguishable from the real Bangashes.
Settlement of Baizais at Kohat:
The original settlements of the Bangashes were in the Kuram valley. Miranzais, Samilzais, and Baizais were all located there. The Baizais, whose summer quarters were at Ziran in Kuram, used to move during the winter to the Kohat plain, much as the Waziris and Ghilzais now do. After a time they quarrelled with the inhabitants of the country. Being unable to cope with them alone, they got the men of Upper Miranzai and Hangu to join them, and with their assistance conquered the country, which has been since known as Baizai. In dividing the tract the Hangu and Miranzai confederates got allotments which their descendants still hold.
As the Bangashes took possession of these lower valleys the lands abandoned by them in Kuram were taken possession of by a new tribe, the Turis, who gradually obtained the mastery over the Bangashes that remained, and are now the dominant tribe there. The Bangashes still possess the following tracts in the Kuram valley: Baghzai occupied by Jamshedis, and Shalozam, Makhazai, Hajikhel, and Ziran occupied by Shamilzais.


Kohat City is located at an altitude of 489 metres (1,604 ft).[1] Kohat Pass lies to the north. It is situated on the left bank of the Kohat toi[clarification needed what is a toi? a river?] at a point where, after running nearly due east for 50 miles (80 km), it turns to the south. The total area of the district is 2,545 square kilometres (983 sq mi).

Pashto speaking pashtuns make up majority of the city and hindko minority in the main city.The main tribe of Kohat is Bangash but also Orakzai, Khattak, Shenwari, Afridi etc. live here. It is earlier also known as Bangash valley along with Hangu

Much of Kohat's transport is privately operated within the city limits.
Rail and Bus
A railway line operates between Kohat and Rawalpindi.
Buses run out of the city via the Indus Highway. They go to Peshawar, Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan (D.I. Khan) and Islamabad.
There are 372 kilometres of metaled[clarification needed what is a metaled road?] roads in the district.[citation needed] The Indus Highway passes through the district.

The Kohat Tunnel is a 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) was completed in 2004, and connects the southern districts, including Kohat City, to Peshawar. Constructed with Japanese assistance, it is also known as the Pak-Japan Friendship Tunnel.

The city is facilitated by the Tanda Dam. Towards the east are Gandiali Dam, Kandar Dam and Kandar Axillary Dam. Towards the north is Sandy Fateh Khan Dam and Darwazai Dam.

There is only one public park in Kohat City, named after Malik Saad Shaheed.

 Kohat University of Science & Technology
 Preston University in Kohat[3]
 Cadet College Kohat[3]
 Comp. Tech. Computer Academy[3]
 COMPROS Computer Academy[3]
 Garrison Cadet College Kohat[3]
 Kohat Law College[3]
 Regional Institute for Teacher Education (RITE)[3]
 Sir Syed College of Education[3]
 Dot Com Institute Of Science and Technology
 The Educators Academy, KDA, Kohat[expand acronym]
 Fazaia Inter College Kohat
 F.G College For Women Kohat Cantt[expand acronym]
 Govt Post Graduate College Kohat (Men)[clarification needed]
 Govt Post Graduate College Kohat (Women)[expand acronym]
 Govt Post Graduate College #2 Kohat (Men)
 Govt Commerce College Kohat
 Govt Technical Institute Kohat
Public High Schools
The Government High Schools for Boys are numbered 1 to 5. There are also the following public high schools:
 Army Public School & College Kohat[clarification needed is this both a high school and a college, or just the name of the high school]
 Islamia Higher Secondary School No.2 for Girls[clarification needed what happened to No.1??]
 Fauji Foundation Model Schools Kohat
 F.G Public High School Kohat Cantt
 F.G High School Peshawar Road[clarification needed what is the proper name for this school? is it the same as kohat cantt?]
 Iqra Public High School and College Kohat[clarification needed is this both a high school and a college, or just the name of the high school]
 Lincoln Public School Kohat
 Leader Public School Kohat
 Islamia degree girls college, shimla pahari, kohat.
Before the partition from India, there were only two high schools in Kohat: the Islima High School and Barathery High School.[citation needed][clarification needed what happened to these schools? were they disbanded?]
 Private High Schools
 Al-Asar Academy Usterzai Payan Kohat
 Al Hafiz Fazal Public High School and college near Tehsil Gate.
 Becon Public High School
 City School, Kohat
 City Educators High School
 Educators School Kda Kohat
 Fauji Foundation Model School
 St. Joseph Covent High School Kohat
 International Public High School
 Jack & Jill High School
 Islamic International School & College
 Iqra Public Secondary School and College
 Jinnah Public High School
 Islamic Public School (Ali Imran Khan)
 Al-Tahir Public School


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