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1. Fishing:

Fisheries, is a provincial subject. At district level, Assistant Directors are appointed to deal with this subject. Inspectors are operating under their supervision, posted at Tehsil headquarters.

• Permits for fishing by angling or by net are issued to the inspectors for further issuing.
• Inspectors are responsible for checking illegal fishing activities.
• 1 year to 3 years Permits for fishing in dams are issued.

2. Hunting:

• Applications for license in hunting will be submitted to the District Wild Life Officer concerned.
• Off season hunting of animals is totally prohibited.
• The hunting of birds like partridges, migrated birds etc is allowed from 1st November to 15th February only.
• The hunting gun must be presented while the person applying for hunting license. No permit will be issued to a person with out showing up the gun.

Required Documents

• The following documents will be attached with the application form:

? Photographs = 2 copies
? NIC (Photocopy) = 1 copy
? Photocopy of arm license.


• The hunting license should be valid for one calendar year.

Issuing Authority and Notifications

• Secretaries of Provincial government will issue notifications from time to time regarding the areas where hunting is prohibited.
• All Pakistan Arm licenses will be issued by interior division.
• In the big game category, hunting of following animals is allowed after payment of fee shown against each. These amounts are subject to change at the discretion of the government.

• Markhor $ 25000
• Punjab urial $ 10000
• Sind urial $ 8000
• Sind Goat $ 2000
• Himiliyan Ibex $ 2000
• Blue Sheep $ 5000

• License for Hunting Digs and Hunting Birds can be acquired from the district Wild Life Officer.

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