License for keeping animals


• No permit is required for pet dogs and pet birds like parrots, starling, sparrows etc.

• Partridge license (valid for 5 years) will be issued on payment of fee of Rs 500.

• For Hawk, pheasant and peacock license will be issued on payment of Rs 500.

• Concerned District Wild Life Officer can issue license For Hawk, pheasant and peacock at a fee of Rs.1000 per year.

• Permit for gray hound will be issued by District Wild Life Officers concerned at fee of Rs.250 per dog per year.

• Bears and monkeys are disallowed to be kept as a pet through out Pakistan.

• Permit for lion is issued with the permission of district coordination officers concerned, fee for cub is Rs. 60,000 and for big lions the fee is more than Rs one lakh).

• License for deer will be issued by Deputy Director Wild Life of the District concerned, Fee for Black Deer as well as Hog Deer is Rs.2000.

• All the licenses’ fees are subject to change

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