Registration of companies, firms and societies



• Companies, firms and societies are registered under Society Act 1860.
• At least seven or more persons may join for the registration of a company.
• Registration fee for a company or society will be Rs 570.
• Two or more partners can form a firm under partnership Act 1932.

Where to get forms

• Application forms can be obtained from the Registration Section of the office of Registrar of Firms, District Govts.


Guidelines to prepare the case

• Application form-1 should be duly filled on both sides and attested by the notary public or class-1 officer.
• Partnership deed should be on judicial papers worth Rs. 500 in the name of the firm duly signed by all partners and witness with complete particulars thereof. One copy attested by notary public or Class-1 officer should be attached.
• Chalan form of Rs. 100 deposited in National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan should be attached. Payment should be in favor of Registrar of Firms, District Rawalpindi and head of accounts should be as follows:
• “1264605” fee under Registration Act 1032”.

• Photocopies of National Identity Cards of all partners duly attested by notary public or Class-1 Officers will be Attach.
• Attach proof of ownership or rent agreement of head office of the firm. Copy should be attested by Notary Public or Class-1 Officer.
• Any person other than partners can also lodge application of registration, provided he/she has authority letter from partners on judicial paper duly attested by notary Public or Class-1 Officer, Lawyers are only required to give request on their letter-head along with attorney.

Where to submit

• After completion of all pre-requisites, please submit all the produced documents to the Assistant District Officer (Incharge Registration Section of Firms) in person.


• Applications will be processed under Registration Act 1932 as subject to completion of pre-requisites. Incomplete application will not be entertained. For any further assistance please contact Register of Firms or Assistant District Officers.

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