Registration of CCB (Citizen Community Board)

• A group of persons not less than 25 non-elected people may be subscribing to the charter, can register themselves as CCB.

• CCB shall be registered at the office stated in the Charter of the CCB. Such office shall be within the limits of the district concerned.
• There shall be no limit of the numbers of the CCBs which can be registered in a local area.

Required Documents

Request for registration as a CCB shall be accomplished by:

• An application on a plain paper, duly signed by Chairman and Secretary of the CCB. 
• Three copies of charter which will be duly subscribed and witnessed. 
• A copy of confirmation received from the registration authority (registration authority is an Executive District Office of community Development )that the proposed name for the CCB is available or evidence that a copy of the application was deposited at least 15 days prior to the date of application for registration. 
• A list of at least 25 founder members in the form hereto annexed as CCB Form-2.

Procedure thereon

• Registration authority on being satisfaction after such inquiry and after obtaining sufficient information, as it may consider necessary, shall issue a certificate of registration within 15 days in CCB Form-3.
• If the registration authority does not object to the registration as a CCB with in 30 days of the date on which the application for registration is made, the registration shall be issued to the CCB.
• The registration shall be valid within the district under the jurisdiction of the registration authority and shall not require any renewal.
• The registration authority by an order recording reason may refuse registration if it is figured out that the objectives, functions or activities proposed to be carried out, oppose the public policy or contrary to the law and rules.
• Before making an order under the sub rule above, the registration authority shall give notice within 15 days to the chairman and/or secretary of the proposed CCB to show cause, on or before a date specified therein but not less then 15 days, as to why the application for registration shall not be accepted.
• Any person aggrieved by the order of the registration authority under the sub rule above, may appeal in writing to the concerned Zila Nazim within 30 days of the date of such order. The Zila Nazim shall communicate his decision in writing to the CCB within 15 days.
• Any person after the rejection of the appeal by the Zila Nazim, on not receiving a reply within 30 days from Zila Nazim as provided in the sub rule above may appeal to the concerned Zila Council within 30 days of the date of such rejection by the Zila Nazim or with in 30 days of the expiry of 15 days period. Such appeal shall be taken up by the Zila Council in the next meeting.

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