Procedure for admission in to Govt. Educational Facilities

Procedure for admission in to Govt. Educational Facilities

Admission in Primary & Middle School

1. In the districts, a student is admitted in class-prep of a school without any test or any recommendation.
2. A candidate may be admitted in any school of a district without any consideration about locality of his/her residence.
3. Examination of students of class V studying in a school of a district is conducted by the Executive District Officer concerned.
4. Scholarships to the top most successful students of class v are awarded by the concerned District Education Officer (Elementary) according to number of students (male/female) allotted to the district.
5. Stipend to the top most students (male/female) of class-VIII having passed the examination is awarded by the concerned District Education Officer (Secondary) according to the number of students allotted to the district. The Executive District Officer announces the result of class VIII.
6. In case of migration from one school to another (i.e. from province to province, federal area to province and province to federal area and from district to district). The school leaving certificate issued by the head of the institution and counter signed by the District Education Officer concerned will be required in case of provinces.

Examination of secondary/intermediate level in provinces

1. Examinations are conducted by the educational boards established at divisional levels in provinces.
2. No students can take examinations without registration with an educational board.
3. Registration of a regular student for appearing in the examination will be the responsibility of a school/college concerned.
4. A private student will have to approach personally to the controller of the examination concerned to deposit admission fee and registration fee. The board will issue a card to the student showing his registration number.
5. Registration number is allotted to the student when he reaches secondary/intermediate level of education.
6. Registration number allotted at secondary level will not be valid at intermediate level and thereafter.

Admission in colleges/higher secondary schools

a) Admission in Higher Secondary School certificate part-1 shall commence immediately after the declaration of Secondary School Certificate results and shall remain open for 20 days without late fee. The admission shall thereafter be made with the permission of the chairman on payment of requisite fee notified by the board from time to time for next 20 days.
b) Admission of a candidate, who passes the Secondary School Certificate examination or whose result is declared after the publication of result gazette of Secondary School Certificate Annual or Supplementary examination, will be made by the head of institution within 20 days of the declaration of results or re-opening of institution after summer vacation whichever is later.
c) A candidate, who appears in Higher Secondary Certificate part-1 examination as a private student is eligible to seek admission in Higher Secondary School Certificate part-II in same group or subject, in such cases registration number allocated in private discipline would be valid in regular capacity.
d) Admission in class XI/XII on transfer basis from board to board will be made within forty five days of the withdrawal from previous Institution, subject to determination of eligibility by the board. However, admission on transfer basis from college to college will be made with in forty five days of the withdrawal from previous institution.
e) A student who has completed the course but does not appear in Higher Secondary School Certificate part-1 examination or having appeared has passed/failed in the examination, shall be eligible to join the class in which he/she was studying, not later than 20 days to the re-opening of the institution after summer vacation or after the declaration of the examination results whichever is later. However he/she will invariably apply through institution for cancellation of previous result by the prescribed dates. such candidates shall not be eligible:

i) For scholarship
ii) For determination of position in a board examination.
iii) For improvement of result.
iv) For a certificate that they have passed the examination in multiple attempts.

2) The candidate who has appeared in Higher Secondary School Certificate part-1 examination conducted by any other board shall not be eligible for re-admission in the same class.

3) The students of other boards whose results for Higher Secondary School Certificate part-1 differs with the federal board scheme of studies in any aspect shall be admitted in Higher Secondary School Certificate part-II and shall have to appear in both parts of the examination at Higher Secondary School Certificate level in accordance with the prevailing Federal Board Scheme of Studies.
4) Foreign Nationals or Pakistanis who have studied under British /American or similar system of education and have obtained equivalent certificates of Higher Secondary School Certificate part-1 may seek admission at Higher Secondary School Certificate part–II but shall have to appear in both the parts of Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination with the prevailing scheme studies of federal board.

Registration of candidates

a) The term ‘registration’ shall apply to all categories, i.e. Regular & Private candidates.
b) Mere registration of a candidate shall not entitle him/her to appear in examination. He/she must also full fill the condition laid down for the eligibility in examination.
c) Registration once obtained for the purpose of appearing in Secondary School Certificate examination shall also remain valid for appearing in Higher Secondary School Certificate examination.
d) The registration of the private candidate shall remain valid on becoming a regular candidate and vice versa.
e) The board shall have the power to cancel the registration of a candidate in case it is found that the particulars provided by him/her were false.
f) In case the original registration card is lost a duplicate will be issued on payment of prescribed fee.
g) Registration fee shall be determined by the board from time to time. The registration fee shall be refunded after deduction of 20% service charges, in case the candidate is declared ineligible for registration or registration denied for any other reason. Any excess payment on amount of registration shall also be refunded, after deduction of services charges referred to above.
h) No application for registration shall be entertained after the deadline (i.e. 15 days prior to start the schedule for receipt of admission form). The chairman, however, shall have the power to condole in case of hardship.

i) After having been admitted in an affiliated institution, shall forward the prescribed registration return for every student admitted, with in a period as notified by the board till 15 days before the commencement of the schedule for receipt of admission forms. No admission form for examination shall be entertained in the absence of registration number.
j) In case, a student, who has already been registered, joins or rejoins an institution, the registration number of the student shall be quoted by the head of the institution while intimating the student admission or re-admission.
k) No candidate shall be registered unless necessary entries i.e. name, father name, and date of birth, are made in the registration return. However, any omission in the registration return shall be completed on payment of prescribed fee, provided it does not involve any alteration in the previous record.
l) A candidate shall be allowed admission after having passed GCE “O” Level within 45 days of declaration of result of equivalent examination. Similarly candidate seeking admissions on transfer basis will also be allowed admission within 45 days of leaving his previous institution. The institution is obliged to send the particulars for registration within 10 days after admission on payment of normal fee, where after late fee as prescribed by the board will be charged.
m) The registration record of a student will be the basic record for all intents and purposes instead of the particulars of a student even in examination form.

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