Attestation of Documents

Attestation of Documents

Documents' attestation in Foreign Office

  • All types of documents required at international level will be attested in Foreign Office.
  • Documents will be presented at the counter of Counselor-II Section of the Foreign Office.
  • The owner of the documents will appear himself on the counter.
  • If The Owner of the documents for any reason cannot appear at the counter, then a nominated person can appear at the counter with an authority letter from him/her.
  • Attested copy of the NIC of the applicant along with original NIC will be required.
  • The documents will be attested on the same day and will be delivered to the individual concerned.

Documents' attestation by an Oath Commissioner

  • An Oath Commissioner will attest only those documents, which are to be produced in the courts.
  • The Oath Commissioner will check the documents for its correctness.
  • The fee of the attestation varies from court to court.
  • After a thorough scrutiny of the documents, Oath Commissioner will attest the documents.

Documents attested by Notary Public

  • The notary public except the Affidavits to be produced in the courts can attest all types of documents.
  • All the documents to be attested will be produced before the Notary Public without any application
  • The Notary Public will check the documents for registration.
  • Fee of attestation will vary from court to court.
  • After scrutiny of the documents, notary public will attest the documents.
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