Registration of Housing Societies

Registration of Housing Societies

NOC to Developer

A developer shall submit an application on a plain paper or letter pad for sanction of scheme to:
(a) Development authority of the province in case scheme falls in the area of the city district.
(b) Concerned development authority in case scheme falls in its controlled area as defined under the Development of city Act 1976.
(c) The concerned Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) for all other areas.

Required Documents

  • Scrutiny Fee @ Rs 100 per Kanal of the proposed scheme area.
  • Developers' Ownership/Title documents along with Khasra Plan (Aks-e-Shajra), duly verified by the concerned District Officer (Revenue).
  • Non-encumbrance Certificate pertaining to the land proposed for the scheme duly issued by the competent authority.
  • Location plan and layout plan of the scheme including the division of the scheme into plots, provision for streets, drains and open spaces, reservation of land for public utility services to be transferred to the Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration, as the case may be prepared by a Town planner keeping in view planning standards as per rules
  • Topographic/Site Survey of the area.
  • Copy of national identity card of the developer or his/her authorized representative
  • Details of the land proposed to be acquired shall not exceed 20% of the total area on housing scheme.
  • Statement of the work that shall be executed at the cost of the developer.
  • Statement of the period during which the area shall be developed.

Procedure thereon

  • Prior to the acceptance or refusal of the application, and approval of the design and specification, Tehsil Municipal Administration shall get the scheme, its design and specifications scrutinized by a committee called the Scrutiny Committee, which will after examination give its recommendations.
  • Within seven days of receipt, the Tehsil Municipal Administration shall forward the application, design and specifications to the Scrutiny Committee for its examination and recommendations thereafter.
  • The development authority or scrutiny committee shall examine the application keeping in view the following:
  • All the documents/requirements as per rule 3(2) are complete.
  • Width of access road is not less than 30 feet.
  • Scheme is secure from the danger of flooding.
  • Minimum area of the scheme is not less than 160 Kanals.
  • Land is not required or has been notified by the government for any other purpose.
  • The Development Authority or Scrutiny Committee shall not proceed further with the application in case any of the prerequisites are not fulfilled, the developer shall be informed for the discrepancies. The decision of the Scrutiny Committee shall be subject to the approval by the Tehsil Municipal Administration.
  • The Development Authority/Scrutiny Committee after fulfillment of prerequisites by the Developer and verification of title of the Developer shall validate Developer's plan/scheme to be published in two daily national news papers for Public notice inviting objection to the proposed scheme. The objection, if received, shall be communicated to the Developer within 3 days for attending the same.
  • The Development Authority or Scrutiny Committee shall examine the application in the light of public objection, if any and the planning standards and shall convey the observations/objections, if any, to the Developer with in thirty days who shall resubmit the same after attending it.
  • The Development Authority shall take the final decision regarding the sanction of the scheme within fifteen days of completion of scrutiny in accordance with its procedure.
  • The Scrutiny Committee shall forward its recommendations to Tehsil Municipal Administration within seven days of completion of Scrutiny.
  • Tehsil Municipal Administration shall make final decision regarding the sanction of scheme within fifteen days of receipt of recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee.
  • If the Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration proceeds to sanction the scheme, then prior to issuance of such sanctions, it shall make the developer to fulfill within fifteen days the following requirements:
    o Deposit the prescribed fee for sanction.
    o Submit the transfer deed for transfer of area under space for roads and parks and graveyard to the Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration.
    o Mortgage 20% of the saleable area of the scheme or for the bank guarantee of National Bank of Pakistan 20% equivalent to the total cost of Developmental works as security for due completion, in favor of Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration, as the case may be.
    o Transfer 1% of the total scheme area for public buildings excluding the area of the mosque, to the Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration as the case may be. The area transferred will not be used by the transferee for any other purpose.
  • The Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration as the case may be, shall at the Developer's cost, publish into national news papers a public notice giving the details of plots mortgage with it if any, providing that such plots shall not be purchased or disposed of until the same are transferred after satisfactory completion of the developmental works.
  • After fulfillment of the above requirements, a formal letter of sanction shall be issued by the Development Authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration as the case may be with in ten days.
  • No scheme shall be advertised or published in any forum, means and press, nor shall plots or houses be offered for sale in any scheme prior to its sanction.
  • The Developer shall include the following in the advertisement:
  • Total area of the approved scheme along with its location.
  • Total number of residential or commercial plots of various sizes as approved by the competent authority.
  • The details of plots mortgaged with the development authority or Tehsil Municipal Administration as the case may.
  • Period of completion of Developmental works.
  • In case of allocation of plots through ballet, it shall be indicated in the advertisement.
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