Over 200 prisoners escape in DI Khan jailbreak

DERA ISMAIL KHAN/ Daily Times: Grenade-wielding gunmen battled security forces during a sophisticated midnight attack on a major prison holding hundreds of Taliban and other militants, police said on Monday.

Fighting continued into the early hours of Tuesday and security forces said they had imposed a curfew on the city, Dera Ismail Khan, 320 km west of Lahore. Up to 40 gunmen wearing police uniforms launched their attack by blowing up the electricity line to the prison and detonating heavy explosions that breached the outer walls, said provincial prisons chief Khalid Abbas. “It’s completely dark in there. We don’t know what’s going on but there is fighting,” he said.

The militants fought their way inside using rocket propelled grenades and machineguns, district police chief Sohail Khalid said. Mushtaq Jadoon, the town’s civil commissioner, said dozens of prisoners had escaped. “The Taliban have loudspeakers and they are calling the names of their friends,” he said. The gunmen also took over a nearby house and hospital, holding the residents hostage as they fired on police from the rooftops and laid ambushes for reinforcements. Police Constable Gul Mohammed said he was rushing to the scene when he was challenged by two young boys holding rifles.

“They told me to stop. I told them I am a policeman, and that’s when they opened fire,” he said. Mohammed was shot three times. Police said there were other small groups of gunmen in the streets leading to the prison. The number of casualties was unclear because the fighting was ongoing. Police said they had called for military reinforcements. The prison houses around 5,000 prisoners. Around 250 of them are Pakistani Taliban and members of banned sectarian groups such as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

“Militants have attacked the Central Prison. They are heavily armed and firing mortar shells,” district police chief Sohail Khalid told AFP. The ambush appears to be an attempt to free several militants who are held in the jail, said a security official on the condition of anonymity. Residents in Dera Ismail Khan reported hearing loud blasts and gunfire, and said the electricity supply to several parts of the city had been suspended. It was not immediately possible to confirm a jailbreak or any casualties, said Khalid, adding that extra police and paramilitary forces had been called into the area.

The attack raises questions over how well prepared security forces are after a series of high-profile attacks. Last week, militants stormed the headquarters of the ISI in Sukkur. Over the weekend, around 40 people were killed in twin bombings in Parachinar. Militants have launched successful raids on prisons several times before. Last year, nearly 400 prisoners were freed when the Taliban attacked a prison in the northern town of Bannu. After that attack, militants told Reuters they were helped by insiders in the security services. An inquiry later found there were far fewer guards on duty than there should have been and those who were there lacked sufficient ammunition. The attack comes the day before lawmakers are due to choose a president. reuters

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