A letter to Khyber TV

The following letter has been sent to Khyber TV



Dear Khyber TV Salamoona:


Hope you are all doing well.  First of all, I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the various programs presented on Khyber TV.  The programs and shows are informative and creative. 


I live in the United States and have two beautiful children.  Given that they live in an English-speaking environment, they also more often than not speak English instead of Pakhto at home.  However, after a long awaited period, we have recently discovered Khyber TV.  We have been watching the programs as best we can, given work responsibilities, children's schools as well as the time zone difference.


I want my children to be better versed in Pakhto and their culture and strongly believe that Khyber TV is an influential means to that end.  Using my family as an example, I believe I represent a large segment of Pakhtoons and would like to give some constructive criticism and hope it is taken as such. 


I would like to see lesser usage of the English/Urdu languages and much more usage of our mother tongue Pakhto.  I would also like to see lesser usage of western attire (suits/pants/shirts) and more usage of Pakhtoon clothing.  Language and clothing are powerful means to cultural development and communication.  They also play great role in keeping the Pakhtoon culture alive and curtail or reduce the extinction of Pakhto as the language of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Afghanistan.


Even my children that are 4 and 8 criticize the usage of English and Urdu in your programs.  If English and Urdu are mixed with Paktho, we may as well watch American, Indian or Urdu programs.  In addition, if Deewa Radio uses pure Paktho in their programs, I am not sure why a Channel that represents the Pakhtoon culture and language would not use pure Pakhto.  From time to time a flavor of other cultures provides a nice feel, but should not represent the channel that aims to serve the Pakhtoon community both at home and abroad.  It may be warranted to present informative programs to your audience regarding other cultures; instead of presenting Pakhto programs in other languages.  With the continued use of other languages, Khyber TV will lose its original aim to serve a dying language and in the process its credibility. 


I disagree with Zaki who stated after being criticized by a brother from Lahore by the name of Nadeem for wearing suit instead of Pakhtoon clothing and using English instead of pure Pakhto, that people's culture should be apparent from their hearts rather than appearance.  In my opinion this comment is completely inaccurate.  Clothing has a major influence on culture and I think many Pakhtoon scholars will agree that language serves as the basis of communication for any culture.


In my opinion and many others echo my thoughts that Khyber TV should put in place a policy that represents the pure Pakhtoon culture and should strictly adhere to that policy and enforce it in all its broadcasts.

Khyber TV can be a source of income for some, but a source of cultural development for others and therefore needs to pay closer attention to its original objective, to serve “Da Nangialo Nangiali”. 


Best Regards,

Dr. Yousefzai


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