Functions of the Health Department

I. Leadership and evidence-based direction setting for health sector.

1. Health policy and reforms.
2. Health planning, financing and budget.

II. Health Support and Development.

3. Health promotion

(a) Health education; and

(b) Community involvement and advocacy.
4. Disease Prevention and control:

(a) Communicable diseases; and

(b) Non-communicable diseases.
5. Occupational Health.

6. Environmental Health.


7. Curative and rehabilitative care.


(a) Primary, secondary and tertiary level curative services including mental health; and

(b) Rehabilitative care.
8. Health related preparedness and response to disasters.

III. Health Regulation and Enforcement.

9. Health personnel, facilities and services.


10. Levying of fees and charges by medical professionals and facilities.


11. Quality assurance and control.


12. Facilities and services.


13. Drugs control.


14. Alternative systems of medicine.


15. Food and sanitation:


(a) Prevention and control of adulteration in food; and

(b) Monitoring & reporting upon safe drinking water supply and sanitation services.
16. Devices and technology.

IV. Management Support Services.

17. Health human resource planning.


18. Health human resource development:


(a) Provision of quality medical and allied education;

(b) Pre-service training of support medical and health professions; and

(c) In-service training of health human resource.
19. Health human resources management.

20. Logistics and procurement.


21. Internal audit and accounting in the Health Department.


22. Legal services:


(a) Propose medico-legal advice and litigation;

(b) Propose law review, amendment, formulation relating to Health Department; and

(c) Facilitate Law Department in litigation related to Health Department.

V. Monitoring and evaluation.

23. Generation of evidence:


(a) Performance assessment;

(b) Information and communication systems; and

(c) Health, medical and allied research.
24. Knowledge management for evidence based decision making.

VI. Co-ordination on health related matters.

25. Ministries, Departments, Local and International Partners and donors.

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