Provincial Health Services Academy (PHSA)


The Government of NWFP under took a major initiative in 1998/99 to respond to training required by health personnel10. It upgraded the Provincial Health Development Center to Provincial Health Service Academy (PHSA).
A complex of 26 institutions were placed under PHSA ie 6 Districts Health Development Centers (DHDC’s), nursing college, 8 school of nursing, 4 paramedic institutes and 6 public health school of the province.
In 1999 PHSA successfully implemented an induction course for medical officers, which orientated them with respect to the primary health care system. It held a 4 weeks management course for mid level managers and 2 week course on health system research and bioethics. The PHSA reviewed and revised job descriptions and curricula in the nursing and paramedic institutions. It developed linkages with university of Wollongong, (Australia), Nuffied institute (UK) and Heidelberg University, (Germany) to try to introduce standardized degree courses in public health, hospital administration, health care financing and B.Sc nursing.
To become on internationally recognized center of excellence in Public Health and allied health training.


· To developed and implement training programme in different field of public health and to institutionalize health system research
· To ensure quality of the training programmes by collaboration and linkages with standards institutions in Pakistan and abroad.

For further information please contact:
Director, Provincial Health Services Academy, Department of Health, Government of NWFP, Budhni Road
Duranpur, Peshawar.
Telephone No. (091) 2650861, 262329
Fax (091) 2261249
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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