Anti-Wapda protesters in Talash block highway ATM machines dysfunctional in Timergara

M. Haleem Asad

TIMERGARA: Residents of Talash on Tuesday warned to block the Chakdara-Chitral Road if Wapda and Chakdara grid station authorities failed to supply smooth electricity to consumers of the Express Way feeder.

They complained that power supply to the area remained suspended for eight hours on Monday night due to a minor fault in the transmission line of the feeder. They said the wapda employees were contacted at night but to no avail. The residents said that they had been mistreated by wapda and authorities of the Chakdara grid station and their last resort was to come out on the roads or go to court against them.

They demanded that the higher authorities to take action against the officials involved in negligence.

Meanwhile, the ATM machines in all four private banks in Timergara have been non functional since the past few days causing inconvenience to the beneficiaries of the BISP. The beneficiaries were seen standing in long queues for hours to get their due before Eid-ul-fitr.

They accused the bank staff to have deliberately closed the machines down.


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