Pink Ribbon to mark October as breast cancer awareness month

PESHAWAR: The Pink Ribbon will mark October as the breast cancer awareness month, during which it will sensitise the people regarding the breast cancer and inform them about the devastating effect it can have not only on the individual but on the family and community if it is not identified and treated at an early stage.

The Pink Ribbon, in a statement here Tuesday, said that Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer for any Asian population in the world. It is the most frequent malignancy in women, and accounts for 38.5% of all female cancers, which is 90,000 new cases every year.
About half (43.7%) of all breast cancers are locally advanced accounting to 40,000 deaths per year. However, very little information on breast cancer is available in Pakistan.
Many people, it was further pointed out, believe that breast cancer is a death sentence. Late detection and follow up for treatment has resulted in high levels of mortality resulting from breast cancer.
However, with early diagnosis and the appropriate treatment, a patient's chance of surviving is higher than 90%.
Therefore, creating widespread awareness is the principal goal of the Pink Ribbon Campaign in Pakistan and `our Mission is to become Centre of Excellence for Breast Care Information', the announcement added. - APP

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