Land Use Indicators

Land use data from 2003-04 shows that 7 per cent of the total geographic area of FATA is cultivated, with another 1 per cent recorded as fallow, while more than 82 per cent of the land is not available for cultivation. This puts intense pressure on available farmland, which supports an average of 18 persons per cultivated hectare and more than 40 persons per irrigated hectare. Some 44 per cent of farmland is under irrigation, with the remaining cultivated area relying entirely on rainfall.

Land use (FATA, 2003-04)

Land use Area (ha)
Reported area 2,722,042
Cultivated area 199,530
Irrigated area 87,011
Current fallow 30,607
Forest area 46,202
Uncultivated area 2,468,512
Not available for cultivation 2,240,761

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