On the west bank of river Indus near Hotel Midway an amusement park may be developed for local residents. This is easily approachable and in the evening local communities stroll on the river side. The river side is very crowded on Fridays when families come for a picnic.


On the way to Chashma Barrage (from D.I. Khan), The Southern Kafir Kot Fort stands on low (Marwat) hills and is clearly visible from the road. Kike the Northern Kafir Kot Fort, 38 km further up the Indus, it was built at the time of the Hindu Rajput Kingdom (8th to the 10th century) and was destroyed by Mahmud of Ghaznavi in the 11th century. Neither fort was rebuilt.

As the Southern Kafir Kot Fort there are three main temple and shrines on the same plinth. THe carving deep chiselled and reminiscent of Mayan sculpture, is fine and well preserved.

The Northern Kafir Kot Fort is about 6 km north of the western end of Chashma Barrage. The fort commands a splendid defensive position. It covers a rubble-strewn area of about 25 hectares (62 acres). Inside there are four temples, two badly eroded, the others intricately carved. The best preserved walls including a fate, are on the north side of the fort; the walls are about 8 Meters (20 feet) high.

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